about the work


The Robinson-Kiss Global Foundation is a 501c3, committed to delivering robust, high quality, educational programs that produce balanced and thriving individuals, groups, and organizations.  These unique and effective programs have elevated over 56,000 lives via live and online platforms. "Balance speaks for itself in these powerful testimonials." 

from humble beginnings



A story with it's roots in humble beginnings....

The Robinson-Kiss Global Foundation was born out of the founder's-Sheila Robinson-Kiss- first hand experience dealing with a lack of available mental health and wellness resources while growing up. 

Pain was transformed into a powerful mission, with a singular purpose- get people the right information and resources to support balanced, productive, and happy living. 

Focusing on How to Stay Well


Despite the plentiful information that is available about mental health and wellness, many people find themselves caught in unproductive spirals of frustration, because they lack a realistic plan to implement what they know.  

The RKGF Programs are exclusively focused on the 'how to' aspect of staying well and life resiliency planning.  A solid 'how to' plan fosters confidence and accountability.